Our Approach

Each project stimulates our creativity

We realized any form of project, residential and commercial, from renovation to interior design

We support our clients by offering tailor-made solutions, while respecting their choices and preferences.

Our role is to develop projects, by establishing plans, technical documents, while overseeing the works.

We assist our clients in their collaboration with the interior designer with all matters regarding the planning of the project.

The perfect marriage between creativity and technic.

We are involved in each step of the projects and guarantee the respect of ressources, deadlines and budgets.

During the developing phases and the study of projects we provide you with detailed technical analysis of the works as well as summary report of the architectural objectives and constraints.

As the intermediary, we assist the project manager in the communication with all parties taking part in the project as well as the choice of collaborating businesses.

We can hence, directly work with the collaborating businesses and French and Italian base material suppliers, as a pledge of guarantee regarding the quality and refinement of materials. 

“We work in respect of all French norms and all our performance prestations sont en garanties décennales en vertu de notre accord avec les assurances AXA.” 

We guarantee a rigorous and transparent tracking of each project through a detailed report conducted by ArchiReport during each visit.

Our perfect knowledge of international markets allows us to offer a variety of options adapted to each client in France and abroad.

In the last few years we have worked with numerous architects and interior designers such as Lorenzo Clerici (Milan), Jean de Piepape, Emmanuel Guillon (Paris), Anne Noordam & Thong Lei (Decoration Empire) (Gouda NL).

“It’s a highly sophisticated role putting together a set of trades in a really efficient way and making sure that they dovetail together.  It’s a really sophisticated thing to do – to control and sequence the trades as they happen.  It’s a skilled task and you need experience and building knowledge to be able to do that effectively.  My worry is that the client does not have that and does not know how complicated it is – that’s why I’m very concerned that things could soon spiral out of control”

Award-winning architect Piers Taylor on the role of a project manager

Nos réalisations

2010 – 2013

Italie – Côte d’Azur – Gstaad

Renovation of various properties, villas and chalets

2010 – 2013
2013 – 2016

Paris left gauche

Rénovation of parisian apartments located in the 6ème, 7ème and 14ème arrondissement

2013 – 2016
2016 – 2020

Paris right bank – Neuilly

Rénovation of parisian apartments located in the 3ème, 16ème and 8ème arrondissement

2016 – 2020

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Construction · Renovation · Refurbishment

Loft conversion · Home extension